Clonal breeding


  • 1979: Project proposal on clonal breeding of autochthonous Portuguese grapevine varieties (Prof. H. Becker Ghm, Hans Jörg Böhm) submitted to the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture (Carvalho Cardoso).
  • Start of the systematic selection work in accordance with an agreed priority list of reference grapevine varieties throughout Portugal. Cooperation with: EAN Oeiras, Casa do Douro, Comissão do Dão, Comissão Vinho Verde, University of Évora and various private businesses.


Project Studies

  • 1983‑1990 The introduction of certified rooted grafts into Portugal (KfW – Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, Portugal Technology Transfer Programme.). Participants: PLANSEL with assistance from Geisenheim Research Centre, Germany; INRA Colmar, France; ENTAV Espiguette, France; and Bioreba Basel, Switzerland.
  • 1995: PAMAF/IED No. 2003 – Investigations into the production of certified propagation material in respect of Portuguese Vitis vinifera grapevine varieties in areas known for producing quality wine. Participants: University of Évora, the Ribatejo‑Oeste regional office of the Ministry of Agriculture, DRARO (Direcção Regional de Agricultura do Ribatejo e Oeste), the Phytopathology Department of EAN Oeiras, and PLANSEL.


Dissemination measures

  • 1984: Seminar: “Renovation in Portuguese Vineyards”, held in the EAN Oeiras auditorium (PLANSEL and Hoechst)
  • 1986: Seminar: “Certified grapevine propagation material – one option for the vineyard of the future” on PLANSEL’s company premises in Montemor.



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