Preparatory activities for the grapevine varieties study


  • Drafting of a list of the most important grapevine varieties (based on historical information from PLANSEL’s own private library and drawn up together with leading public sector agronomists Raposo Palma, Virgilio Dantas and Raul dos Santos).
  • Following the model used by the grapevine breeding facility at Geisenheim Research Center, Germany, drafting of the technical prerequisites (Mitra, University of Évora) for a modern micro‑vinification project (initially co‑financed by PLANSEL).


Project studies

  • 1986: INICT Project: Technology for determining the quality of wines from autochthonous Portuguese grapevine varieties. Participants: FH Geisenheim (RFA), University of Évora, and PLANSEL


Dissemination measure

  • 1982: Workshop by Prof. H. Becker at EAN Oeiras: Research Centre Grapevine Breeding and Grapevine Policy



  • Microvinification as a basis for clonal breeding in grapevines Francisco Colaço do Rosario, Hans Jörg Böhm, Paulo Laureano; Vida Rural Nº. 2/92 (1992)